Posted December 5, 2017

How Clean Energy Standards Are Shaping Up in NY

At a recent gathering of the Public Utility Law section of the New York State Bar Association, ACE NY Executive Director Anne Reynolds spoke on the renewable energy panel, along with John Williams of NYSERDA and Gavin Donahue of the Independent Power Producers. Anne’s role to was to provide the renewable energy developers’ perspective on the Clean Energy Standard and how it is shaping up in New York. As enthusiastic supporters of New York’s 50% Renewable Energy Standard, ACE NY highlights the jobs creation, the economic investment, and climate change benefits of new renewable energy development, and the great potential in NY for wind, solar, and offshore wind development. ACE NY members are optimistic about development opportunities in NYS and are following the State’s procurement processes with keen interest.  At the same time, Anne discussed the risky development process and the challenges to project development: a lengthy and uncertain Article 10 process; an equally lengthy and expensive interconnection process at the NYISO; and the need for local tax agreements and community support. More broadly than individual projects, the potential need for new transmission investments to make achievement of 50% renewables more cost-effective could prove to be a challenge in New York as well. New York agencies, especially the Department of Public Service, need to set a priority of timely and efficient Article 10 and Article 7 processes in order to support the State’s ambitious renewable energy and climate goals. This may mean additional human resources at DPS as well as attention to ways to streamline the process.

Watch Anne's presentation here:

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Our topics cover:
  • How New York will achieve its 50% renewable energy goal by 2030
  • Progress with the Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) process in New York
  • Updates on the VDER (Value of Distributed Energy Resources) initiative in the shift away from retail net metering
  • Industry perspective on the challenges of developing grid-scale and distributed renewables in NYS

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