Letter: Military Review Ensures Success



By Anne Reynolds.

In Robert Bryce's online commentary, which was briefly mentioned in the newspaper ("Wind power faces headwinds in NY," Sept. 28), Bryce misrepresented the military's response to proposed wind turbines by bringing up concerns but not explaining that the Department of Defense has a successful review process in place to identify and solve these concerns.


He did not mention that the U.S. DoD already has a robust and technically detailed review process to ensure wind farms don't harm military operations. Simply put, if the DoD finds that a wind farm adversely affects operations, and those effects cannot be mitigated, the project does not get built.


The reality is that there has never been a wind farm built over DoD objections. And even with tens of thousands of turbines deployed today in New York and across the United States, there has never been a mission moved to another base because of them.

Both DoD and local base commanders review any wind farm proposed near military facilities. If concerns exist, wind companies and DoD discuss whether they can be addressed. If no satisfactory solution is found, developers move on to other projects.

Bryce's organization, the Manhattan Institute, is a biased source when it comes to renewable energy, since it's largely funded by fossil fuel interests, including, for example, $705,000 from ExxonMobil from 2006 to 2015.

Anne Reynolds

Executive Director, Alliance for Clean Energy New York