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October 2, 2017

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Joe Martens, Director of the New York State Offshore Wind Alliance, issued the following statement regarding NYSERDA’s Report Recommending Offshore Wind Siting Areas

"If New York State continues on this path, it will be the national leader in renewable energy and offshore wind, with Long Island at the center of a new clean energy economy."

ALBANY, NY (October 2, 2017) – “New York State today is taking another strong step towards national leadership in the development of offshore wind energy. NYSERDA’s recommendations of at least four new wind energy areas within an area totaling more than 1 million acres and each area capable of siting 800 megawatts of offshore wind are smart and sensible and reflect a broad outreach to all affected parties, including those involved in commercial and recreational fishing. NYSERDA’s request that the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) act expeditiously to lease new wind energy areas is particularly encouraging.
“Those of us who have united in this effort to bring the benefits of offshore wind to our state are very much looking forward to New York’s first call for projects in 2018, and so I am pleased to see that NYSERDA set this as a goal in today’s report. There are currently leased areas that could submit bids as early as 2018, and then the new potential lease areas can be positioned for future requests for projects. Given that other states from Massachusetts to Maryland are competing for offshore wind’s economic and environmental benefits, the sooner the better.
"Offshore wind will mean good jobs and better health for Long Island and the state while reducing the economic and social costs of continued over-reliance on fossil fuels, including the devastating impacts of global warming.
"If New York State continues on this path, it will be the national leader in renewable energy and offshore wind, with Long Island at the center of a new clean energy economy. Other states are vying for this status, so New York needs to move aggressively and smartly. Today’s recommendations from NYSERDA show that the state is moving exactly that way.
“New York and Long Island’s energy needs are growing and changing, and doing nothing is not an option.  To meet those needs, effective energy solutions must be forward looking, create new jobs, protect ratepayers and taxpayers, preserve traditional offshore industries and safeguard our environment. A strong, renewable energy strategy, including offshore wind, is the only option that accomplishes all these goals.”