2017 Legislative Session

ACE NY tracks many proposals in the NY state legislature, and issues memos in support of or in opposition to bills with a direct and significant impact on the clean energy industry.

Legislation Supported by ACE NY
 Bill #  Same as  Sponsor  Subject  ACE NY Memo
 A.8248 S.6600 A: Morelle
S: Amedore 
Certificates of Registration for Entities that Manufacture or Assemble Zero Emissions Vehicles  Memo of Support
 A.260  S.4069  A: Paulin 
 S: Griffo 
 Property tax exemption for micro-hydro, fuel cell, storage, and micro CHP  Memo of Support
 A.592    A: Paulin   Relates to the rates paid for net-metering technology  Memo of Support
 A.1540  S.5942  A: Jenne 
 S: Valesky
 Directs PSC to use long-term contracts for renewable energy  Memo of Support
 A.4469  S.1079  A: Magee 
 S: Valesky 
 Net metering standards for municipal landfills and waste water treatment facilities  Memo of Support
 A.5541  S.5119  A: Paulin 
 S: Griffo 
 Provides a tax credit for installations of distributed wind turbines at homes, farms, or small businesses  Memo of Support
 A.6571  S.5190  A: Paulin 
 S: Griffo 
 Establishes an energy storage deployment program to encourage the installation of qualified energy storage systems  Memo of Support
 A.7275-A  S.5549-A  A: Jenne 
 S: Griffo 
 Maintaining the continued viability of the state's existing ("Tier 2") large-scale, renewable energy resources  Memo of Support

Legislation Opposed by ACE NY
 Bill #   Same as   Sponsor   Subject   ACE NY Memo
 S:6651-A   S: Flanagan  Creates Zero Carbon Emission Investment Program  Memo of Opposition
 A.1450-A  S.4423-A  A: Jenne 
 S: DeFrancisco 
 Directs the public service commission to perform a cost benefit analysis of REV  Memo of Opposition
 A.5262  S.1755  A: Norris 
 S: Ortt 
 Relates to the location of certain wind electric generation facilities  Memo of Opposition
 S.3747    S: Griffo   Establishes the Leakage Prevention Clean Energy Act  Memo of Opposition
 A.7757  S.2837  A: Englebright
 S: O'Mara 
 Establishes the Solar Panel Collection Act  Memo of Opposition